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Our research center consists of three parts: material testing laboratory, battery making laboratory, and modified carbon laboratory
Material testing laboratory
Testing equipment: Malvern laser particle size analyzer, Mike specific surface area tester, atomic absorption spectrum, tapping apparatus, moisture & ash tester, electric mirror, high ratio test cabinet for batteries, ultra-low temperature testing equipment for batteries, half cell testing equipment, battery testing equipment, etc.
Items of testing: carry out precise monitoring and testing on all the physical indexes of materials, test the electrochemical performance of materials; testing concerning all the indicators of the power batteries, high-rate batteries, ultra-low temp. batteries made of our company’s negative electrode material;
Battery making laboratory
Testing equipment: full-automatic anode and cathode dispensing equipment, coating machine, roller press, vacuum oven, coiler, mash welder, sealing machine, glove box and other batter making devices;
Items of making: test the various processing performances of our materials, make power batteries, polymer batteries, high-rate batteries, ultra-low temp. batteries, high-voltage batteries, etc. through our negative electrode materials and carry out testing, provide our customers with all-round requirements on battery design and use.
Modified carbon laboratory
Experimental facilities: airslide disintegrating mill, high-temperature carbonization furnace, testing sieve, small carbon kneading machine, planetary muller, ball pulverizer mill, mixed powder modifying machine, etc.
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