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  • 产品名称: MAG-P02 high magnification type

Physical indicators

Project Work unit Specifications Typical value Test method
Particle size D10 µm ≥6.0 5.71 Laser scattering method
D50 µm 8~16 10.23 Laser scattering method
D90 µm ≤25 16.23 Laser scattering method
Specific surface area m²/g ≤5.0 3.97 BET method
Apparent density g/cm³ ≥0.65 0.71 Measuring cups
Tap density g/cm³ ≥0.90 0.93 Tap density meter
True density g/cm³ ≥2.20 2.24 He gas replacement
Water % ≤0.1 0.06 Gravimetric method
Ash % ≤0.1 0.05 Gravimetric method
Fixed carbon % ≥99.95 99.99 GB
G capacity mAh/g ≥350 352 Analog battery
Coulombic efficiency % ≥92 92.3 Analog battery


Characteristic curve
Electron microscope

Material distribution

  Kerby capacity

Product features
Good processing properties, the product has strong absorption;
Superior performance, superior safety performance;
Superior low-temperature performance, can meet the massive headwind discharge requirements;
Excellent large current discharge performance, to meet customer 30C rate discharge requirements.
Range of application
Suitable for high power battery, can be used in electric vehicles, storage batteries, RC airplane, electric tools, electric bicycle, etc.

Product application plan
1. materials, proportion and design parameters:
Ratio: MAG-P02: conductor: CMC:SBR=95.0%:1.0%:2.0%:2.0% (mass percent), solid content for 40~45%;
Cathode design capacity on 340mAh/g, excess is at least 5%.
Compaction density of negative 1.58~1.62g/cm ³,

2. Pulp production:
2.1 required to measure water with CMC, CMC glue added slowly to the water, until no particles in liquid, gel until transparent, stirrer speed revolution speed for 25Hz/min for 30Hz/min, 3h and then rest for 12-24 hours; in the mixing process required circulating water cooling at a temperature not exceeding 35 ℃.
2.2 required number of conductive agents joined the mixer CMC solution and vacuum to do before -0.08mpa, mixing 2H, stirrer speed revolution speed for 30Hz/min for 35Hz/min;
2.3 include the required number of graphite in the mixer mixing 3H and vacuum below -0.08mpa, stirrer speed revolution speed for 30Hz/min for 35Hz/min;
2.4 include the required number of SBR in the mixer mixing 1H, stirrer speed revolution speed for 15Hz/min for 20Hz/min;
2.5 include the required number of H2O in the mixer mixing 2H and vacuum below -0.08mpa, stirrer speed revolution is 15Hz/min, since the speed is 20Hz;
2.6 vent to atmospheric pressure, after passing the test size, 120 mesh. Slurry viscosity 1800~2500CP, liquid slurry, paste derived from delicate surfaces, gloss; size in use during vacuum slow stirring, not on hold for a long time.

3. Film production:
3.1 according to the design parameters of the coating.
3.2 pole roller: compaction density of 1.58~1.62g/cm ³, proper adjustment of the roller, roller smooth sheet satisfy processing requirements.
Note: our plant for Guangzhou Guan Yu model S-G vacuum mixer

Process for using reference above, according to the company's technology and equipment to make proper adjustments.

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