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  • 产品名称: MAG-106 high magnification type

Physical indicators

Project Work unit Specifications Typical value Test method
Particle size D10 µm ≤8.0 6.55 Laser scattering method
D50 µm 10~18 12.52 Laser scattering method
D90 µm ≤29 19.05 Laser scattering method
Dmax µm ≤48 2.87 Laser scattering method
Specific surface area m²/g ≤3.0 1.76 By ET
Apparent density g/cm³ ≥0.60 0.75 Measuring cups
Tap density g/cm³ ≥1.0 1.04 Tap density meter
True density g/cm³ ≥2.22 2.23 He gas replacement
Water % ≤0.10 0.08 Gravimetric method
Ash % ≤0.15 0.06 Gravimetric method
Fe content ppm ≤25 No Atomic absorption spectrometry
Fixed carbon % ≥99.95 9.99 GB
capacity mAh/g ≥360 365 Analog battery
Coulombic efficiency % ≥93 94.3 Analog battery


Characteristic curve
Electron microscope

Material distribution

   Kerby capacity

Product features
High discharge capacity, high charge/discharge efficiency for the first time;
Good processing properties, the product has strong absorption;
Superior performance and cycle life of tens of thousands of times to meet customer requirements;
Superior low-temperature performance and superior safety performance;
Excellent large current discharge performance, to meet customer 30C rate discharge requirements.
Range of application
Suitable for high-rate, high capacity battery, can be used in electric vehicles, storage batteries, RC airplane, electric tools, electric bicycle, etc.

1. materials, proportion and design parameters:
Ratio: MAG-106: conductive agent: CMC:SBR=95.4%:1.0%:1.6%: 2% (mass%), solid 40~45%;
Cathode design capacity on 340mAh/g, too much 5%;
Compaction density of negative 1.55~1.60g/cm ³.

2. Pulp production:
2.1 required to measure water with CMC, CMC glue added slowly to the water, until no particles in liquid, gel until transparent, stirrer speed revolution
25Hz/min speed 30Hz/min, 3h; then stand for 12-24 hours in the mixing process required circulating water cooling at a temperature not exceeding 35 ℃;
2.2 required number of conductive agents joined the mixer CMC solution and vacuum to do before -0.08mpa, mixing 2H, stirrer speed revolution
30Hz/min speed of 35Hz/min;
2.3 include the required number of graphite in the mixer mixing 3H and vacuum below -0.08mpa, stirrer speed revolution speed for 30Hz/min for 35Hz/min;
2.4 include the required number of SBR in the mixer mixing 1H, stirrer speed revolution speed for 15Hz/min for 20Hz/min;
2.5 include the required number of H2O in the mixer mixing 2H and vacuum below -0.08mpa, stirrer speed revolution is 15Hz/min, since the speed is 20Hz;
2.6 vent to atmospheric pressure, after passing the test size, 120-150 mesh. Slurry viscosity 1800~2500CP, liquid slurry, paste derived from the surface of fine, light
Ze; size in use during vacuum slow stirring, not on hold for a long time.

3. Film production:
3.1 according to the design parameters of the coating;
3.2 pole roller: compaction density of 1.55~1.60g/cm ³, proper adjustment of the roller, roller smooth sheet satisfy processing requirements.

Above parameters for reference, according to the company's technology and equipment to make proper adjustments.

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