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High performance anode material for lithium-ion battery research area series progress

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High performance anode material for lithium-ion battery research area series progress

    China energy net news: lithium-ion batteries and lead acid, nickel cadmium, nickel metal hydride battery compared to, due to its high energy density, long life, smaller features such as volume, no memory effect, become the focus of today's energy sector. Anode materials for lithium-ion battery is one of the key components and its receptor as a lithium-ion, in charging and discharging lithium-ion embedded in the process and get out. Therefore, lithium-ion battery anode material will have a direct impact overall performance. At present, the commercial lithium ion battery cathode materials are widely used modification of graphite and graphite, but the theoretical capacity of only 372 mAh/g, greatly restricting the development of high energy battery. IV-group elements (Silicon, germanium, Tin) based cathode material because of its higher theoretical capacity (3579 respectively, 1600 mAh/g, 994 mAh/g) becomes the focus of research on next-generation lithium-ion batteries anode material. However, Silicon, germanium, Tin based anode materials in large volume expansion of the problems in the process of charge and discharge, charge and discharge for a long time can cause particles of powder and the shedding of active material, thus affecting the cycling stability of lithium-ion batteries.
    In recent years, Ningbo, Chinese Academy of Sciences, materials technology and Engineering Research Institute owned by new energy technologies team led by Han Weiqiang, a researcher at the advanced lithium-ion battery, high capacity silicon, germanium, Tin anode material progress made series. In the area of high performance silicon based anode materials, researchers have developed a low-cost, high capacity, high stability of porous silicon based anode materials technology. Through carbon-coated on porous silicon and further improves the properties of SI-based negative electrode materials for lithium-ion batteries. SI-c composite electrode material after 300 cycles of charge and discharge, capacity retention rate of 86.8%. Related research has applied for patents in China (201410150747.5,201410276413.2), the research results are published as a Communication in Nano Energy (2015, 11, 490-499).
    Team improved on the basis of the previous work of polyol by wet-chemical method synthesis of a series of new MSn5 (M=Fe, Co, Fe0.5Co0.5) alloy anode materials for Nano. Synthesis of FeSn5 alloy nanoparticles, when as anode material for lithium-ion batteries, theoretical capacity of 929 mAh g-1 is reported for M-Sn (m for electrochemically inert metal) alloy than the capacity of materials. Researchers prepare a series of particle size in the range of 30-50 nm Fe0.5Co0.5Sn5 new alloy nanoparticles, which further extended the phase diagram of Co-Fe-Sn. Related outcomes has applied for a patent (2013104705134,201310706760X,2103715406A). Also, using in-situ XRD and electrochemical in-situ XAFS, test methods, the mechanism of charging and discharging are discussed and explained. Tin-base new alloy anode materials in the series for team development of electrochemical mechanism of Tin anode with high performance materials provides effective guidance. Results published in the Journal of Materials Chemistry a (2015, 3 (13): 7170-7178) and the ACS Appl. Mater. Interfaces (2015, 7, 7912 − 7919).
    Team in the research and development of long-life TI-anode materials also made progress, applications for invention patents (201310685139. X), was published in the Journal of Materials Chemistry a (2014 (2), 10599-10606).
   This research work has been focused on Science and technology innovation inZhejiang Province Team, 3315, Ningbo international innovation team, on theNational Science Fund project, Zhejiang Province, China postdoctoral Science Foundation post-doctoral research project and the support of the natural science Fund project in Ningbo city.

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