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Echelon of power batteries need further research

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Echelon of power batteries need further research
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Summary:With the development of new energy vehicles, batteries of "rehabilitation" also come into view. Battery recycling and utilization of Echelon, become a hot topic in recent days the battery industry.
  With the development of new energy vehicles, batteries of "rehabilitation" also come into view. Battery recycling and utilization of Echelon, become a hot topic in recent days the battery industry. What Echelon does nanfu battery in ads says: "put the toy down the battery, put it in the remote control. "Is typical of the Echelon model.
  Battery recycling is good, why does advanced use of it. There are three reasons why:
  First, the cost of lithium-ion batteries in the costs of new energy vehicles, account for high proportion. High cost of lithium-ion batteries, are an important factor restricting the development of new energy vehicles. Normal use life of lithium batteries may only 3-5 through Echelon, extend the life of lithium batteries, you can achieve the purpose of reducing costs.
  Second, if you reach the service life of the lithium-ion battery, directly eliminated, will cause a great deal of waste. Year in 2014, for example, sold 70,000 of new energy vehicles over the next five years, growing at a rate that, by 2020, new energy vehicles will keep more than 400,000 vehicles. If 20kWh average single car battery, after attenuation, average capacity still 15KWh per vehicle, even though only half recovered, it is equivalent to 3000MWh batteries are collected. If the batteries are in the garbage can, it is a big waste.
  General electric-car battery decaying average car battery I still have after 15KWh
  Third, for energy storage market, cost is also a key factor in restricting the commercial development of the industry, so the demand for low cost storage solutions are in urgent need, if you can get low cost through the advanced use of battery solutions, the energy industry is also very favourable development.
  Feasibility of advanced use of the battery, there have been more than one argument.
  First, the battery group used is may be due to the failure of several batteries, and the entire set of batteries cannot be used. This means that the battery pack, there are still some battery performance is normal.
  Second, many agencies to recycle batteries, did a lot of testing found that many ex-battery, both in terms of capacity, performance and life cycle point ofview, is still a passable performance.
  All this, for the Echelon of power batteries use of technical feasibility of providing solid evidence.
  At home and abroad, Echelon is a State that is in the process of research, although there are some advanced use cases, but these cases are more demonstrative. Beijing municipal science and Technology Commission of the "electric lithium-ion battery system life-cycle technology research and demonstration" project team decommissioned power battery, electric field, electric forklifts and electric power substation DC system on a modified model, the measured recovery of batteries has certain advantages compared to conventional lead-acid battery performance, and better economy.
  Japan's 4REnergy Corporation applies the recycling of batteries to store energy, development of the nominal power for 12, 24, 48, 72, 96kW, household and commercial storage products. The company was established by joint venture Nissan and Sumitomo Electric, so the leaf electric car retired on the recycling of batteries is their main object. United States Duke Energy, EnerDel, and Japan's Itochu commercial, also in recycling capacity is low。

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