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New energy automobiles are expected to cost reduction

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New energy automobiles are expected to cost reduction
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Summary:New energy vehicles because of its zero energy consumption, environmental protection and other advantages, more and more people of all ages, has now become a global automobile a main direction of development.
  New energy vehicles because of its zero energy consumption, environmental protection and other advantages, more and more people of all ages, has now become a global automobile a main direction of development. As a dynamic heart of new energy vehicle batteries, more and more attention. At present, the battery still face high costs, different specifications, and security issues such as promotion, and the various car companies tried all solutions, to improve the experimental study on practical continuous power battery.
  Recently, VW revealed that mass all the electric vehicles of the future design of lithium-ion batteries may turn to the single, the Group's goal is to simplify cell designs reduce battery costs 66%. Right now, Volkswagen used a variety of lithium-ion battery cells. Such as Panasonic e-Golf, golf GTE plug-in hybrid, Audi A3 electric supply battery, Samsung for Passat GTE, Audi and other electric vehicle supply battery.
  Institute of physics, Chinese Academy of Sciences researcher Huang Xuejie told reporters, a single battery cell specification, can reduce battery costs, thereby reducing the overall cost of new energy vehicles. Now from the world point of view, new energy vehicle power battery specification has not yet unified, but the trend has been quite obvious, battery specification number is greatly reduced. In China's case, the original battery has more than 80 kinds of models now on the market can be used to battery size has shrunk to less than 20. "It can be said that battery ITIS is the general trend. "Huang Xue-Jie said.
  Companies optimistic about standard battery
  Not just public companies paying attention to battery's specifications, assembly models for many domestic companies are gradually reduced cell size,in order to achieve the greatest degree of universality, so as to achieveeconomies of scale, reducing the cost of batteries. Yutong Yin Lichao Dr energy systems engineer of the Department of new energy technology, now Yutong companies assembling cars by reducing the battery specifications, reduce costs, achieve maximum scale application. Also, because the battery GM, also reduces the workload of battery design.
  Jianghuai automobile passenger car marketing company Deputy General Manager Zhang Jinhan told reporters, Jac iEV5 procurement is a ternary lithium-ion 18650 batteries from Tianjin Lishen. He said, from the perspective of market competition results, 18650 battery advantage a bit more now. Because the cylindrical batteries better arrangement in the passenger cars, Jac new energy passenger car of the future to continue adopting the specifications of the battery there is a high probability. He also said, the battery gradually unified at the same time, battery manufacturing technology and scale the biggest factor is to reduce the cost of vehicle.
  Beijing Auto's new energy Deputy General Manager Wang Kefeng, battery standardized is the trend. He said battery size when there is uniform or is "platform", the vehicle will help reduce costs, greater advantage to enhance the standardization level of the battery. "Although each manufacturer's battery production technology and manufacturing level, but if battery size uniform, standardisation of the battery there will be a great upgrade. "Wang Kefeng said.
  Ningde times new energy technology, Customer Manager Wang Hui told reporters, in the area of passenger cars, now power battery has been increasingly converge, market selection, lots of batteries has differ in size. While that of commercial vehicles, batteries size standardization trends have begun to emerge. Wang Hui told reporters that this trend for battery enterprises will focus into the manufacturing process, and improve the battery level from one side, reducing battery costs.

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