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Corporate mission: commit to the research and application of negative electrode material for lithium-ion batteries and meeting customer demands with excellent products and services;
Corporate vision: build up a century business, create an international brand;
Corporate spirit: respect others, dedication to work, innovation and efficiency;
Corporate style: strict requirements and strictest enforcement;
Corporate quality: full participation, exploration and innovation, Continuous improvement and customer satisfaction;
Corporate efficiency: ensure the correct orientation, the fastest speed and the best results;
Corporate responsibility: Professionalism and dedication leads to great career. Hard work and conscientiousness brings about great success.
Employee responsibilities: upgrade professional ability, abide by professional ethics and dedicated attitude;
Technological objective: Technology leads to industry and innovation ensures advantage.
Marketing concept: mutual understanding by respect, mutual support by trust, common understanding by communication, win-win outcome by mutually beneficially cooperation, success by mutual assistance;
Brand concept: core brand value - unremitting pursuit of technological innovation and product quality;
Service objective: customer foremost, fair competition;
Service commitment: solve all the problems within our capacity through our professional, efficient service;
Core values: honest, upright, down-to-earth and enterprising;
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